BiznesFunding Score: A Comprehensive Funding Scoring System for Startups

Re-engineering business funding approach with AI

Securing funding for startups is a challenging task. Especially when the odds are against you. So what can we do about it? Just as technology and methodical approaches have changed the way companies access credit, we now channel these innovations to transform the landscape of startup funding.

With the introduction of the BiznesFunding Score, we're not just participating in the ecosystem; we're redefining it, making the process of acquiring funding as strategic and data-driven as the ventures we seek to empower. This pioneering approach ensures startups not only stand out in a crowded market but do so with the backing of a scientifically grounded, technology-enabled evaluation system, setting a new standard in the pursuit of investment.

In the fast-paced world of startups, getting funding is a crucial step towards growth and success. However, traditional ways of measuring a business's worth often don't fit startups. This is because startups are new and don't have a long financial history. That's where our BiznesFunding Score comes in. It's a new system made just for startups. We've looked at over 5,000 startups that got funding and used what we learned to create a score that accurately shows if a startup is likely to attract investors.

Reducing risk, improving chances

Building a successful startup is fundamentally about mitigating risks. These risks come in various forms, ranging from market dynamics to internal operational challenges. Understanding and managing these risks is crucial for startups not only to secure funding but also to ensure sustainable growth and development. BiznesFunding Score is designed to quantify these risks, providing a clear framework for both startups and investors to understand and navigate the complex landscape of startup development.

Why we need a different scoring system

Most of the time, traditional scoring systems look at past financial data — something most startups don't have much of. These systems also don't consider the unique things about startups, like their potential to innovate or the skills of their team. This means there's a need for a scoring system that understands startups better.

How we made the BiznesFunding Score

To create the BiznesFunding Score, we looked closely at thousands of startups that have successfully gotten funding. We wanted to see what made them successful. From this, we identified the key factors that can predict success. Our score looks at these factors to give a comprehensive view of a startup's chance of getting funding. The process involved collecting comprehensive data on companies, categorising it into External, Internal, Capital, and Human Risks. External Risks include market trends and regulations, Internal Risks assess performance and innovation, Capital Risks focus on financial aspects, and Human Risks analyse management and sector expertise.

What the score means

The score ranges show where a startup stands, from being a leader in the market to just starting out. Each range comes with advice on what to do next. This could be anything from expanding globally for the top scorers to focusing on building a strong team for those at the beginning of their journey.

From Leading the Market to Just Starting: Our scoring tells you not just where your startup is now but also what you should do next. It acts as a guide, helping startups grow from their current stage to reach new heights, always suggesting the best strategies for progress.

BiznesFunding Score Guide

951-999 Market Pioneer Demonstrates exceptional growth, innovation, and financial performance over consecutive years. Focus on Global Expansion and Innovate Continuously. Prepare for IPO or strategic acquisitions.
801-950 Established Leader Proven market dominance, innovation leadership, and robust financials. Expand Market Share, Diversify Offerings, and Strengthen Infrastructure. (Series D)
651-800 Scale-Up Stage Accelerated growth, operational efficiency, and a strong competitive position. Scale Operations, Seek Strategic Partnerships, and Optimise Financial Management. (Series C)
501-650 Expansion Stage Significant market traction, strong financial health, and a path to profitability post-Series B. Broaden Market Reach, Enhance Product Line, and Strengthen Team. (Series B)
351-500 Growth Stage Demonstrated market presence, consistent revenue growth, and scalability post-Series A. Refine Business Model, Invest in Marketing, and Focus on Customer Success. (Series A+)
280-350 Outstanding Excellent alignment across all parameters for early-stage companies, indicating strong growth potential. Seek Feedback, Network, and Focus on Core Strengths. (Series A)
210-279 Strong Good balance across most criteria, signalling readiness for scaling and expansion. Improve Product Market Fit, Plan for Next Funding Round, and Enhance Team Capabilities. (Seed +)
140-209 Promising Evident potential, but certain areas need refinement or validation. Validate Product, Seek Mentorship, and Secure Seed Funding. (Seed)
70-139 Emerging Potential is there, but crucial aspects need development and validation. Focus on MVP Development, Engage Early Users, and Network for Support. (Pre-Seed)
0-69 Early Stage In the initial phases focusing on foundational aspects and seeking mentorship. Clarify Vision and Strategy, Build Your Team, and Seek Advisory Support. (Bootstrap + Accelerator, Incubator)

At BiznesFunding, we see success as something you can plan for and achieve through careful analysis and understanding the startup world. Our scoring system goes beyond just looking at the numbers. It offers a clear, data-backed way for startups to see how ready they are for investment. With our approach, success is something you can work towards, step by step, using the insights and guidance we provide.

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