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Discover the power of being investor-ready with our most advanced BiznesFunding Score, yet.

Leverage VCs’ insider knowledge and science, coupled with over 500 data points on your startup, to get more investor appointments.

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Data is Power

Before stepping into the investor arena, know your funding odds. With BiznesFunding, you're not just guessing; you're equipped with data that makes a difference.

Insider Insights at Your Fingertips

Harness the wisdom of venture capital insiders. Our analysis dives deep into over 500 data points about your startup, setting you up for more meetings with investors who matter.

Actionable Recommendations

Go beyond mere insights. We deliver actionable recommendations with guaranteed impact on your investor readiness, backed by our track record of success.

Streamlined Funding Journey

Get funded faster and smoother. BiznesFunding streamlines your journey with one-stop access to data insights, expert guidance, and investor connections

Getting funding isn’t magic, it’s cause and effect.

BiznesFunding Score helps you to turn your startup into an attractive financial investment that is appealing to your target investors.

Funded startups researched
Data points analysed
Risk areas identified

Know your chances of getting funded before you pitch your startup to investors.

Find out now how investment-ready you are by using our proprietary machine learning model.

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BiznesFunding FAQ

What sets BiznesFunding apart from other companies?

Our investor outreach services are grounded in scientific methods. We adopt a data-driven strategy to assess your company's prospects, pinpoint potential risks, and locate the ideal investors for your business. In today's data-centric world, your approach to funding should be data-driven too.

How do you assess the viability of my company?

Building a successful startup is fundamentally about mitigating risks. These risks come in various forms, ranging from market dynamics to internal operational challenges. Understanding and managing these risks is crucial for startups not only to secure funding but also to ensure sustainable growth and development. "BiznesFunding Scores" is designed to quantify these risks, providing a clear framework for both startups and investors to understand and navigate the complex landscape of startup development.

What exactly is the BiznesFunding Score?

"BiznesFunding Score" is the result of a comprehensive study of more than 5,000 startups that were successful in obtaining funding. This detailed examination aimed to uncover shared characteristics and patterns that played a significant role in their fundraising achievements. These insights were meticulously organised into different categories of risk factors. By doing so, the metric provides a framework for understanding what makes startups attractive to investors, highlighting key elements that contribute to a successful funding round.