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How long should a pitch deck be?img

A pitch deck should include at most 10 slides. According to research by DocSend, the average time spent on a pitch is three minutes and 44 seconds. Investors usually spend the most time reviewing the financial, competition and team slides of a pitch deck. Ideally, you want your own pitch to last between two and eight minutes.

Why should I have a pitch deck?img

The main reasons why a startup should have a pitch deck presentation include the following:

  • To gain investment from potential investors
  • To garner interest and support in your business
  • To help your business develop and grow in years to come
  • To address a problem which your business is trying to solve

What are investors looking for in your pitch deck?img

Investors want to see a potential return on an investment in your business and the risks that might prevent them from getting that return. Both startup and stock market investors seek business stocks with the highest return and the least risk. Moreover, they are looking for a good working relationship, so you must convince them that your business can deliver a higher return than what other companies are considering.

Where can I find a pitch deck sample?img

biznesfunding can provide you with a sample pitch deck presentation catered especially for your startup. Click here to find out more and to get your sample. 

The best pitch presentation structure layout for a businessimg

  1. The title of your pitch deck should include your companys name, but it also needs to be catchy and attention-grabbing. You should also include your companys logo.
  2. Discuss any potential situation your business aims to solve and who currently deals with this issue.
  3. This is a brief introduction to your business and the value you provide to customers. It needs to be kept as short as possible and should usually only be 1-2 sentences.
  4. What makes your business plan so special? Outline it clearly and how you hope to win over a new market of customers.
  5. Discuss how your product or service can make money. Discuss how the prices of your business compare to those of other companies in the larger market. Mention your financial goals and ROI (return on investment).
  6. Use your pitch deck to outline your marketing and sales plan and how you intend to get your product across to potential customers. Dont forget to highlight your target audience.
  7. Discuss your competitors and how your business fits into the current landscape. What advantages do you have over other businesses?
  8. Highlight yourself and your other team members, their skills and experience and what they bring to your business. Identify any positions you have yet to fill in your company and why they are crucial to your growth.
  9. Showcase the current financial situation of your business and future projections, as well as other relevant metrics. Make sure to have charts and spreadsheets on this slide that can present this information.
  10. Discuss the next steps your company wishes to take and how you will use the help from potential investors and their funding.

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Types of pitch decks we offer

Pitch Deck

A standard pitch deck is a presentation for potential investors who you hope will help fund your startup. Pitch decks are usually around at least 10 slides long and describe what your company does and its objectives for the future. 


This is a one-page document that summarises a specific topic. For example, a one pager design often includes a business plan, a problem and how you wish to resolve it, or a particular strategy.

Investor Deck

This differs from a pitch deck in that it's a 10-12 slide presentation that helps to reassure investors in your company following a pitch deck. In the presentation, you will need to give a brief overview of your company and discuss its future vision and goals to encourage investors' support.


Similar to a regular presentation pitch, except in video format. It's less formal than a presentation, and you will often use a series of visuals with motion and sound effects to give viewers a unique experience while they watch you present your pitch.

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