Raising funds for my startup via capital markets

What is capital raising?img

Capital raising is a process a business goes through to raise money so that it can get its feet off the ground and expand. Raising capital is one of the core components of being a business owner. “Raising capital” is another term used to refer to a business “raising funding” or finance.

Who are the main sources of capital?icon

Who are angel investors?img

  • Private investors who help fund startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Angel investors can be ordinary professionals looking for somewhere to invest their money, wealthy people who want to help a startup, or even friends and family
  • Angel groups are multiple angel investors who have come together to co-invest in companies. You can work with either a lone angel investor or angel groups
  • Angel investors fall under the equity financing category

What are venture capital (VC) firms?img

  • The idea of raising venture capital comes from VC firms, which manage funds to finance business ventures
  • VC firms are derived from money from private investors, financial institutions and investment banks. Together, these are known as limited partners (LPs)
  • VC firms often invest large amounts of money into startups
  • Sometimes offer extra support through networking and expertise
  • VC is also a form of equity funding 

How to raise funds for my business

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