Fundraising Strategy

How to Raise Between £100k and £2m in Capital for Your Startup in 90 Days or Less

Who It’s For

  • You have a startup and want to fundraise
  • You’re fundraising for the first time and feeling overwhelmed
  • Stuck in the fundraising process
  • You wish you had a proven system to generate investor appointments

Types of Businesses We Work With

How It Works

  • We invented a new way to look at the fundraising process. Discover where your team, market and product are and turn it into an attractive financial investment.

    BFS is proprietary tool designed by us specially for Pre-Seed to Series A startups. Based on insights from over 5000 startups that have successfully secured between £100k to £2m in investments.

  • We broke down the complexity of fundraising into a structured, science-based process and tried our best to make it fun too.

    By following our practical steps and tracking your journey using dependable metrics, you'll not only increase your chances to raise funds successfully but also gain an excellent knowledge of the fundraising ecosystem.

  • No matter how polished your pitch or how strong your business is positioned, understanding the investor's viewpoint can make all the difference. It offers you an insight into the mind of a VC investor, helping you anticipate questions, address concerns, and refine your strategy.

    With 1:1 coaching from an actual VC investor, you’re not just getting advice; you're getting an edge.

We’ve done this many times


“BFS is not just a scoring system; it's a roadmap to success. Their actionable insights and coaching helped us secure £200k in less than 3 months.”

CEO - Direk