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Entrepreneurs often have trouble figuring out what investors are looking for. Even when they know, it's tough for them to clearly show why their business is a good investment.

Discover in under 5 minutes if investors would be interested in your business.

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  • On average an angel investor sees up to 10 pitch decks per day, whereas a venture capitalist looks at around 30 pitch decks, while spending on average 3 minutes and 44 seconds reviewing each deck.
  • Typically, angel investors invest in two ventures per year, while venture capitalists fund only one in every 150 pitches they review.
  • In the current climate, while founder shave access to more opportunities than ever before, investors are responding with heightened caution and a stronger aversion to risk.

Many promising ideas do not succeed simply because entrepreneurs struggle to present them compellingly to investors, while lacking the understanding of what investors are looking for. Ensure you're prepared for your critical pitch with the Startup Investment Metric.

We’ll score your business, focusing on these six core elements:
Team Dynamics & Strength
Behind every groundbreaking startup is a passionate and dedicated team. Here, we're not just looking at qualifications on paper but delving deeper into the synergies, experiences, and capabilities that make your team uniquely positioned to bring your startup vision to life.
Market Insights & Potential
Every successful startup thrives in the right market environment. Here, we're diving into your understanding of the market landscape, its size, growth potential, and the trends that can shape your startup's journey.
Product & Innovation
At the heart of every startup lies its product or service. This is your chance to showcase the unique value proposition, features, and innovations that set your offering apart from the rest.
Traction & Momentum
Traction is the tangible proof of your startup's potential and the wind beneath its wings. Here, we're zooming in on your startup's growth, feedback, and the momentum you've gathered along the journey.
Funding Requirements
The lifeblood of any business is its funding and financial health. This section is designed to delve into the heart of your funding needs and strategies, offering a clear picture of how you plan to fuel your business's growth and sustainability.

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Just 1% of founders successfully raise investment

  • Securing investment is a challenging and time-consuming task. Only about 1% of entrepreneurs successfully secure funding from Angel and Venture Capital investors. For first-time founders, this task can be especially daunting.
  • Our Startup Investment Metric simplifies this process by asking essential questions across five core areas that would enable to provide clear guidance on your next steps.

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SIM is not just a scoring system; it's a roadmap to success. Their actionable insights and coaching helped us secure £200k in less than 2 months.”

CEO - Direk

Let’s increase your probability to successfully raise funds

If you haven't completed your test to find out your Startup Investment Metric score, you might be questioning its value.

In today's global climate, it's crucial to possess every tool necessary to attract investors. The Startup Investment Metric is your essential first step in gaining the competitive advantage.

Our current clients are successfully closing investment rounds, often with more interest than needed, thanks to having the right fundraising assets.

By investing less than 5 minutes of your time, you can access vital information through our tool, enhancing your capacity to secure investment significantly.